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COMPEER is a grass-root initiative that seeks support the next generation of researchers all around the world in the context of the social/health crisis that we are all experiencing and which is seriously affecting the activities of each and every one of us.

We aim to ensure that COVID-19 impacts are mitigated and that the crisis does not create undue divisions and inequity between people. At the same time, we ardently strive and commit ourselves to actively contribute to turning this crisis into an opportunity to do research differently and to enhance the academic experience for all.



COMPEER’s logo is inclusive, egalitarian and solidaristic.

Our logo is formed of hexagons representing the next generation of researchers in the middle supported by the research ecosystem, symbolized by the six major stakeholders to whom the Concordat is intended (viz., research funders and governments; academic and research institutions; scientific associations and conference organizers; publishers; research ethics boards; and researchers).

It is by the fusion of the 6 hexagrams that the logo is formed and symbolizes metaphorically how all stakeholders can create when they work together in the objective of supporting the research.

decomposed logo