Concordat on Mitigating COVID-19 Pandemic Effects on Research (COMPEER)


An initiative to mobilize and unite funding agencies, governments, academic and research institutions, scientific associations and conference organizers, researchers, publishers and other parties in (re)appraising how scientific research outputs are assessed in the context of education, graduation, funding, and hiring and promotion decisions.

The goal of COMPEER is to ensure that individuals are fairly recognized for their merits and that the crisis does not create undue divisions and inequity between people, and that everyone is engaged in enhancing the academic experience for all and conducting research in a more sustainable, responsible and impactful way.


Together to mitigate the impact of COVID-19

Recent Tweets

“As COVID-19 makes very few exceptions regarding who it affects worldwide, it is anticipated universities, funding agencies, governments, and employers will be lenient and adapt their programs and processes for such unprecedented circumstances"

"The pandemic is a new setback for women in academia who already faced obstacles on the path to advancing their research and careers".


– Learned something outside my expertise

– cancellation of most important conference during my Ph. D
– cancellation of research-trip
– cancellation of Graduate Mobility Award

My 5-month research stay in Europe was interrupted halfway due to the pandemic.